Section outline

  • In this module we will analyse two very significant films - City of God and La Haine, both of which depict violent lives in poor conditions, the former in the favelas of Brazil and the latter in a Parisian banlieue. We will look at how conflict and class are portrayed, focusing particularly on the use of mise en scène.

    • A general discussion forum for topics arising from our study of La Haine and City of God. Ask anything -and be prepared to answer anything too!

    • You are expected to  purchase a copy of La Haine for your studies. If your copy has not yet arrived you can see the film on youtube here.

    • Resources:

    • Reflection:

    • (With acknowledgement to the BFI) You are a screenwriter and have been asked to adapt the setting of La Haine for your own country. Your peers will assess you on how suitable your adaptation is. There is a sample answer for you to try assessing first.

    • Contribute to this wiki by asking questions on La Haine and giving answers to those issues raised by others.

    • Discuss the importance of  mise en scène in creating meaning and generating response in City of God and La Haine. One of our students has kindly offered her answer here as an example of a high "B" grade.

    • In what way are style and form used to give the film power and impact?

    • Course feedback

      At the end of this module, please let us know how you found it so we can improve it for future students. Thankyou.