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    Theme Guide - More Features With Theme
    Apr 21,2022
    Course Summary

    This course is for example only. The information inside is related to the  theme but contains limited information. Please be sure to visit the document for more information.

  • Unlimited Colors

    For us, being able to choose colors freely is the most important step in personalizing your theme. You can either use the color codes we have listed for you, create your own color from the color palette, or write your own color code.

    Follow the steps below to set up your colors:

    1. Navigate to → Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Edue
    2. Go to the → Front Page > Front Page General

    The color of your choice magically changes all the colors inside the Edue theme.

  • 1 November - 7 November


    While preparing the Edue theme, our goal was to provide users with maximum convenience and speed. That's why we've thought of everything about uploading images.

    Here are some tips about pictures:

    1. You are free to upload the pictures you want from the settings to some blocks, but you don't have to. You can keep all pictures in a folder without having to enter pictures from block settings.
      Navigate to → Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Edue > Front Page > Front Page General > Front Page Img Link. You can enter your folder path where you keep the pictures here. You can upload your own images instead of existing ones.

      It is important that you do not change the names of the images. Edue displays pictures by these names.

    2. Your other option is to go to settings and upload pictures. You can upload pictures by applying the above item if you want. But you can also upload images manually from each block's settings.

    1.Course Pictures

    You must upload an image when creating a new course. Course images automatically appear on your front page. You don't need to make any extra settings for this.

    Course Pictures

    2.Category Pictures

    Category images are based on the image of the first lesson belonging to that category and do not require an extra image upload step. If the image cannot be displayed, please make sure that the first course in the category has an image.

    Category Pictures

    3.Teacher Pictures

    Teacher pictures are also brought to the front page by Edue. When you select the user category you want to display in the teacher block settings, the images of the people belonging to that category are automatically displayed on your front page.
    We don't want you to miss that this block is multifunctional.

    Note Please be sure to review. In this document Navigate to → Edue Structure > Blocks > Edue Block Types > Block-8 TEACHER

    Teacher Pictures
  • 8 November - 14 November


    You can install all kinds of upgrades for free when you buy the Edue theme.


    First, you need to download the new version of the theme from ThemeForest.

    • Sign In to your Envato account.
    • Click ‘Downloads’ from the drop down menu.
    • Click the ‘Download’ button of the Zuum you are updating.

    NotePlease go to official envato documentation for a full information of updating: Envato Documentation


    Navigate to → Site administration > Plugins > Install Plugins and upload the file you downloaded from ThemeForest here.
    All saved settings are stored in the Moodle database. It ensures that no data will get deleted.

    install plugin

    Make sure to back up the files before making any changes.

    NotePlease go to official moodle documentation for a full information of updating: Moodle Documentation

  • 15 November - 21 November


    You don't have to worry about using Edue theme in different language. You can translate the theme to your desired language by following the steps below :

    1. Navigate to → Site administration > Language > Language customization
    2. Choose the language you wish to customize
    3. Once the language pack is loaded, click "Continue"
    4. Under "Filter strings", choose "theme_edue.php", and click "Show strings"

      On this page you can also search for particular strings.

      You can save the strings after customizing them according to your language

    Note: Please don't forget to clear the cache this is an important step after your changes on Moodle.